Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crap! It's John McEnroe.

For the past year of so, the Kellogg company has been using John McEnroe in an ad campaign for their All-Bran cereal. If you've seen any of these commercials on TV, you know what I'm talking about: McEnroe comes up to people who are apparently blocked up, and he extols the wonders of All-Bran cereal and how it's made his life "regular." Now don't get me wrong, I like John McEnroe, and I've appreciated his ironic presence in various pop cultural outlets over the past several years (one of my favorites is his appearance in episode 5 from the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, "The Freak Book"). Still, there's just something disturbing about any links between McEnroe and my bowels.

I remember when they first inaugurated this "All-Bran Day 10-Day Challenge" campaign. On Yahoo you could find an ad banner with his bouncing disembodied head--and disembodied McEnroe heads advertising bran are always funny--telling you about the bunghole challenge.

As if all of this weren't disturbing enough, on the All-Bran Day 10 Club's official Website, McEnroe shared some of his own experiences on All-Bran as a path to a clean life. Among his 10-day disclosures are these:
  • Day 2: "Who knew No. 2 could feel this good."
  • Day 3: "Personally, I feel better when I let it all out."
  • Day 5: "In this case, out is the right call."

I don't believe McEnroe's own tips and inspirations are still up on the site anymore, but visit the All-Bran Day 10 Club to see how others are free to move about the cabin.

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