Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting It Up Has Never Sucked So Much

If you're like me--and I know you are--you're really sick of all of the erectile dysfunction and male enhancement drug commercials on television. I have nothing against products like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, since I am aware that they can help men with legitimate health issues. (Although I think it's a dirty shame that so much money and energy have been thrown at these kind of drugs, and research into less "sexy" illnesses are relatively slow in getting researchers' and the FDA's serious attention...but then again, the people who have most of the power are guys, right?) But there are just some places that I don't want to go with these commercials.

Take, for instance, the insipid Viva Viagra ad campaign, especially the commercials where a bunch of guys are sitting around singing about their pharmaceutically-induced erections. Do we really have to be a witness to these embarrassing episodes of "male bonding"? I'm sure you've already had the displeasure of seeing at least one of these, but if you haven't, then take a soggy gander:

And this isn't even the worst one. A "Viva Viagra" commercial that leaves me feeling even more oily is the "Nashville" one, where a bunch of rednecks are sitting around hunkering down on a country version of the ad song. You can probably find that one, and all of the other weaselly Viagra commercials, at the Viagra video page.

Ladies and gentlemen, please let me apologize for my sex. I'm so ashamed.

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