Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blueberry Bob Welcomes You!

Here's the label off of a carton of blueberries I bought the other day. I'm mesmerized by the figure of Blueberry Bob. He's my new hero.
Dig those crazy pants he has on. Looks like a fig leaf. What might Blueberry Bob be hiding underneath? Something blue and juicy?
By the way, have you noticed another inappropriate, or at least suspicious, usage of quotation marks, something that's becoming a regular of the Gallery of the Absurd? "Texas finest"...are these ironizing quotes? Are they not actually the "finest"? Or are these direct words from someone, comments so groundbreaking and insightful that it just had to be quoted? Perhaps I should create another special section of the Gallery, one devoted to the inappropriate use of quotation marks. We already have "Wine" and bags from Pamida grocery. And maybe I should call it Don't "Quote" Me on That. Yep, that's what I'll do. It's something that my friend Tracey would appreciate.


Amanda said...

Umm...those aren't pants on Blueberry Bob. I believe that green thing is a neckerchief - you know, the thing cowboys wear that goes with the cowboy hat and the cowboy boots. Blueberry Bob is obviously a cowboy-berry-thing. With no pants. And no torso.

Derek said...

I disagree, I think that the green blueberry leaf is supposed to be pants. You don't want a naked blueberry running around, do you? It's something like a fig leaf...but in a more disturbed fashion. And who says you have to have a torso to wear pants. What about Spongebob?

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