Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bunches of Bois d'Arc Goodness

In late September the small rural town where I live and work--Commerce, the Bois d'Arc Capital of Texas--holds its annual festival, The Bois d'Arc Bash. The theme of the event is the based around the fruit of the regional tree, the Bois d'Arc...also known as the Osage Orange, the Hedge Apple, the Hedge Ball, and the Horse Apple (Latin: Maclura pomifera).

It's one of the many autumn events that are held in this part of Texas, and this weekend my family and I attended the festivities. And as with many small-town carnival-like activities--complete with parades, rides and games for kids, refreshment vendors, various kinds of food products on a stick, local musicians, and more than its share of merchants selling stuff--it gives you a sense of what the community is like. It also provides the kind of fodder that is perfect for the Gallery of the Absurd. This year, I took a few pictures of signs that not only fit nicely into the Gallery, but were shot with love and are meant to give you joy.

It seems that this booth is always at the Bash. I've never taken the test, but I wonder what would happen if I did.

Events like this are always great places to scope out the inappropriate usage of quotation marks. And this year didn't disappoint me.

I wonder how big this spa actually is. Should I get one? Will it fit in my bathroom?

It seems that Micky Air Brush Design goes by its abbreviation, MABD. But with those qualifying quotation marks, I wonder if it's really Micky who will be doing the air brush design for me?

I've heard that there no such thing as a free lunch. Guess the same goes for a Wal-Mart gift card.

I guess that technically, this isn't a sign, ad, or label, and as such, it really shouldn't be in the Gallery of the Absurd. Still, it is advertising homemade jewelry, isn't it? Also, it's just too damned frightening not to show you.

I can't wait until next year's Bois d'Arc Bash! Can you?


Nora said...

You see exactly that kind of mannequin throughout Japan (although this one seems to be in Thailand). Male, female, boy girl--usually in stores that sell "hip" clothes. They never, ever fail to creep me right the hell out. I'd take some pictures when I'm there next month, but...ugh.

Derek said...

Wow, Nora. Thanks for the image of the Thailand mannequin. I guess evil transcends borders.

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