Friday, September 12, 2008

Guns and Roses

Here's a sign for the Texas Gun and Guitar Show that is going on this weekend at the Texas Musicians Museum. I'm still trying to figure out the connection between guns and guitars. Maybe I shouldn't think too much about this much, but instead just accept my fate that I'm living in Texas.

Much thanks to my good friend, Hunter Hayes, for pointing this out to me.

What do I have the feeling that Sarah Palin would want to attend this event? In fact, her story would be perfect for the Gallery of the Absurd.


lois said...

I'm feeling slightly threatened by the sentence "YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!" I hope they don't know where I live.

Derek said...

Perhaps this is a Nazi-run shop. Or one that was set up to coincide with the Republican National Convention last month.

Jimbo said...

Hey, You won't believe what they are advertising to be at the March 27,28 & 29 2008 show. They are going to have an actual Cupachabra on display! If you do not know what a Cupachabra is, it is a legendary mythical creature that wounds animals to feed on their blood! Eeeeeeeeww! Found it at

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