Saturday, September 13, 2008

Luggage, Exciting and New

Last month I traveled to my hometown, Charlotte, NC, to visit my family. While there, I happened to stop into a Harris Teeter grocery story and saw this standee:

The thing that struck me is the whole theme to this giveaway campaign. It's so retro, something that reminds me of my childhood (which can be both good and bad). Plus, I was glad to see that Ted Lang--TV's lovable bartender Isaac Washington--is still finding work. Let's take a closer look at this standee:

Ted, we mourn the loss of your smiling face on TV. In the miasma that is reality television and "true life" dancing and making over, your happy grin is sorely missed.

...great, now I have the theme to Love Boat on my mind, and it will probably be stuck there all damned day.


John said...

assuming that is a recent photo in the standee (sp?), Isaac has held up well!

Derek said...

Yep, I took that photo just last month. And if the image the Harris Teeter corporation is relatively recent as well, you're right: Isaac doesn't look that bad. Wonder if he can still mix drinks like he used to?

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