Friday, October 10, 2008

Sheer Terror

Here's something I received in the mail last week, bundled with other ads and flyers:

It's another gem from the Ashton-Drake Galleries, the same people who brought us "Heavenly Handfuls." My god, just look at this baby's face. Go ahead, take a closer look:

And what the hell is that M&M thing on its belly? Is this like the movie Alien? The horror...the horror....

1 comment:

lois said...

Thank you so much for including this one. When we got it in the mail last week I showed it to my teens, and we all agreed that it just HAD to show up in your Gallery. So many things in it were creepy horrible, including the little sayings on the hats, which were all about babies melting. Eewww!!

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