Thursday, November 6, 2008

Homogenous Diversity

Fans of the Gallery of the Absurd might not be surprised that, at times, those at my university tend to put out nonsensical flyers (see, for instance, Active Shooter Training flyer). Here's another one you might enjoy, this one for a conference that will be held here on campus:

Can you tell me what is so diverse about this image?

Much thanks to Carley, a dedicated Gallery fan, for alerting me to this senseless flyer.


Thelma Lou said...

This is obviously quite a diverse crowd.

From the left:
1) Tall, decaf machiatto
2) Grande schitzo skinny vanilla latte
3) Hot chocolate with a shot of espresso
4) Lesbian

John said...

That's a little freaky. At first glance, I thought, "it's about METHODOLOGICAL diversity," but then it has those parts about it being "for minority students." I'm very, very confused.

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