Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Trip to Brookshires

Brookshires is a local grocery store chain here in northeast Texas, and the other day I went there with my camera. I had noticed that recently they had begun an ad campaign that is supposed to tap into the anxiety many people are feeling about food and gas prices. The illustrations featured in this campaign sort of frightened me, and I thought I would share these disturbing images with you, the Gallery of the Absurd audience.

Our journey begins outside of the store, where they have hung a large banner announcing the savings people will get when they shop here.

Notice the woman in the car. She seems to be on some kind of medication, and I'm not entirely sure which one. With that strange, far-off stare, she reminds me of Laura Bush, another Texan.

Upon entering the store, we find a sign for prescriptions savings on the inside door. The woman in this poster is a little's like she's gritting her teeth, not wanting to be a part of this ad campaign. And maybe she has in her hand the medication taken the woman above driving in the car.

We move on. Right in front of the fresh meat counter is this sign on health and beauty aids. I have no clue why this sign is in front of the meat department. Or why the woman in the sign looks so spaced out. Maybe she's hanging out with the woman driving the car.

Walking from the meat department to the dry food aisle, we find another sign, this one hanging from the ceiling. It's the chick in the car once again--and this time the car is made out of a dollar bill, just so that you get the message that this is the place where you can save!--driving in front of a road sign for the "Kitchen Cabinet."

I don't really know what the "Kitchen Cabinet" refers to. I could find nothing to decode this mystery anywhere in the store. I did notice, however, that the African American woman in this image is the only one not featured by herself in a poster advertising something. Hmmmm....curious.

I hope you have enjoyed this little romp as much as I did.

When in northeast Texas, please visit Brookshires, where you will find fun and savings for the whole family!

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