Friday, January 30, 2009

Horror-Induced Goodness

The package on a brand of Nestle hot chocolate:

I know that this is a well-known product, and I know that the woman in the picture is a nice little ol' grandma, or abuelita, but there's something frightening about her. Take a closer look:

She reminds me of Grandpa Sol. Perhaps her chocolate is being used to make his kosher cake mix.

Much thanks to my wife for bringing me this package of psychotic goodness.


Al w. said...

Now you've done it. You've gone too far, Mister!

Leave Abuelita alone.

She's a sweet, old grandmother. Plus, have you ever tried this stuff? You put the warm milk in the blender & add this thing that's basically a urinal cake made of chocolate and spice. Puree.

It's delicious. And it's got so much sugar and caffeine in it that Abuelita is nearly indistinguishable from crack cocaine.

Derek said...

Mmmmmm....urinal cake (insert Homer Simpson slobber noises)

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