Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Another bundle of joy brought to you by the people at Ashton-Drake, the ones who gave us Heavenly Handfuls and the M&M Babies. I present to you....Claire!

A loyal reader of the Gallery of the Absurd, Faith Kurtyka, sent this to me. Here's what she had to say about this ad: "The EYES! SO CREEPY!"

And this can be all yours for only two payments of $29.99. What a bargain!


B and T said...

Damn it! We just scanned this in to send to you and but of course you had already discovered Claire. Curses!

Derek said...

Well send me other stuff you find, B and T!

Dale Prince said...

Somehow I had read, "hideous bundle of joy," but see that my mind was supplying adjectives you hadn't actually included. It's really the most horrible thing I've ever seen.

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