Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dark Knight Returns...or at Least Just Shows Up

Here's part of an advertisement that I found in one of the many fliers I get in the mail. I received it late last week, and it's from the Britain Chevrolet dealership in Greenville, TX. Apparently, last Saturday they were having a big sale, and to draw a bigger crowd, they had Batman stop by to make an appearance. I just love the tough, determined, crime-fighting look on this guy's face. And what's he doing with his right hand? Is this the black power salute?

Also, I never associated the Dark Knight with free hot dogs and soda. But it's true! Not only does Batman take a bite out of crime, but he'll wipe out your hunger as well. Check out what kind of soft drink he serves:
Mmmm......Nothing like "Soda" soda.

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B and T said...

This almost makes me want to visit you guys in TX!

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