Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doormat Love

Here's an ad I received last week via email. It was from L.L. Bean, advertising their Waterhog doormats:

There are several things that bother me about this advertisement. First, the quote above: "Is it really wrong to love a doormat?" Well...yes. Not only is this kind of "love" illegal in many states, but of all things to show affection for, why a doormat? Wouldn't this kind of affection cause massive chafing? And wouldn't it be better to love animate objects, which can also be things that we walk all over? Why not love this puppy? And speaking about the puppy, why use him in this ad? I know he's cute, and he's supposed to make us feel all warm and melty inside (and more apt to buy the lovable doormat), but when I see this image, I can't help but think that the dog is about to pee on the doormat. It's almost as if it's this dog, not an L.L. Bean customer, telling us he loves this poop on! Where is Triumph the Insult Dog when you need him?


tantra flower said...

1. I always cringe when I hear somebody start a sentence with "is it wrong?" because I know that something really stupid is fixin' to come out of their mouth.

2. Being an animal shelter volunteer tends to make one see our adorable fur friends from a more realistic point of view. My first thought was also "omg that dog is going to pee on that $40 mat!"

3. Speaking of paying $40 for a doormat, I wouldn't. Even if my income wasn't embarrassing, I wouldn't do it based on principle.

a ji o ji suno ji said...

This is what it's all about right? 35 responses, you lucky sod!! And you get called an uninformed shit, I'm so jealous!
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