Monday, February 16, 2009

Gambling with Clowns, Part Deux

In a comment to an Gallery entry I posted on February 8th, an image of the Circus Circus Casino clown sign in Vegas, Arlene said, "scary as that is, the clown sign at Circus Circus in Reno is far more disturbing than the Las Vegas counterpart." I'm with you there, Arlene, and so today's entry is the very sign you mention:

Which do you find more disturbing, Gallery fans? The Las Vegas Circus Circus Casino sign or the one in Reno?


Andrea said...

Reno's is more disturbing. ... I hate clowns.

Emily said...

They are both disturbing in their own special ways. The Las Vegas one is scary; it looks like is on drugs and it just might kill you. The Reno one is cuter, but seems desperate, like it wants you to rescue it from its own private hell.

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