Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Creepy Goodness

Happy Valentine's Day from The Gallery of the Absurd!

Here's hoping that all of your Valentine's wishes come true...and that you're not caught by the authorities in the act of fulfilling those wishes.

Today's entry is rather appropriate, I think. It's an image from a circular sent out by Super 1 Foods, a warehouse-style grocery store chain operating in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

I'm not sure what the hell this thing is that's holding a bouquet of flowers. Is it a circus tent? A house with a pointed roof? The funky little love shack? And if it is some kind of dwelling, what does it have to do with Valentine's Day?

Curiously enough, the asterisk that comes after "Express" doesn't really refer to anything in the circular. What good is an unachored asterisk?

1 comment:

tantra flower said...

It (the tent?) also has four freckles on one cheek and three on the other. That really bugs me.

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