Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Toys

The other week I got roped into taking several friends to McDonald's, a land of culinary evil. There, in the lobby of the restaurant, was a display for the various toys kids (or adults) could find in their Happy Meals. It was both gaudy and disturbing--a central theme of the McDonald's corporation?--and I just had to take pictures of it. I tried to keep the reflections from the plastic display to a bare minimum, but some of the glare nonetheless came through.

As you can see, this was a dark menagerie of plastic crap toys, from "cute" cats with big bobbing heads, to Marvel comic book characters.

And of course, no McDonald's display would be complete without the grand master himself, the Duke of Diarrhea, the Sultan of Salmonella, the Earl of E. Coli, the Nabob of Nausea,
the Merchant of Mytoxins, the High-yu-Mucka-muck of Heartburn, Ronald McDonald.

And apparently, to make it all go down just a little easier, there is even a little Ronald toy.

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Karen said...

As if everything you wrote wasn't bad enough, employees are instructed to ask you if you want a toy for a boy or a girl. How sexist! As you've pointed out, no real boy or girl would want some of these items. Perhaps aliens want them? Or blind people?

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