Sunday, March 15, 2009

McMore McMadness

Here's some more McKitsch, an entry that I featured in the original Gallery of the Absurd.

The copy on the back of this ad is perhaps even more frightening:

"Eric's First French Fries"
With a smile on his face and a sparkle in his baby blue eyes, "Eric" is having the time of his life. He's enjoying his very first order of delicious french fries with Mom and Dad at McDonald’s. What fun it is to nibble them one at a time, to make them last! "Eric" is the first issue in the Treats for Tots doll collection by world-renowned doll artist Yolanda Bello, featuring happy babies enjoying McDonald's treats for the first time. He's a superbly crafted fine-porcelain collectible doll from McMemories — the Official McDonald's Collectibles Club. He comes with cotton-blend romper and matching sunhat — and an order of "french fries." Relive a child’s joy with "Eric." Outstanding value at only $59.95. Fully guaranteed. Order today.

I wonder why they put "Eric" and "french fries" in quotes? Does the doll have an identity crisis? Are the "fries" something that all of us, doll and mortal alike, should worry about?

Special McThanks to my brother-in-law, Paul Siegfried, for helping me to expose the horror behind one of America's corporate icons.

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