Monday, March 30, 2009

Something Freaky This Way Comes

This weekend, a circus came to the small town where I'm currently living. I've never heard of the Kelly Miller Circus before. It was a small outdoors affair, not the kind of event the poster suggests. It was the kind of circus that you would probably have seen in yesteryear. Here's a picture of the poster, which was displayed in a shop window (thus, the slight glare):
There is one thing that all circuses, large and small, have in common: freaky clowns. I think the scariest ones tend to frequent the more modest venues.
Why do the really disturbing-looking clowns seem to gravitate to Commerce, TX? There was one here this past November.


Pink said...

At least that clown seems to have a good dentist!

John said...

Aren't ALL clowns 'disturbing'?

Jerod Poore said...

I must be the only person on the Intertubes who finds traditional circus clowns funny and not the least bit disturbing or frightening.

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