Monday, April 13, 2009

Annoying J. Crew Model of the Week - 4/13/09

Your Annoying J. Crew Model for the week of April 13:

Really skinny, unnaturally thin, models really piss me off. And J. Crew employs a number of them. And on the latest catalog, they feature one on the cover.

You can look through the April catalog and see this model throughout, many times standing sideways like this, just to demonstrate how skinny she is. She's a stick!

And in some of her pictures, wearing certain loose-fitting clothes--of course, what wouldn't be loose fitting on her?--she looks like some kind of emaciated heroin addict. Truly pathetic.

For a more healthy alternative to the female physique, be sure to go to About-Face, a website dedicated to educating its readers on the harmful effects of media and marketing when it comes to women's body image.


The 5 of Us! said...

Thank you!

Rebecca said...

Truly disturbing, Derek! Thanks for pointing out how sick the modeling industry is, as demonstrated in the J. Crew catalog. UGH!!!

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