Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Carlton's House of Many Things

I used to live in Dahlonega, a small town in the northern part of Georgia and near the southern tail of the Appalachian Trail. On one of my biking routes in the area, there was this out-of-the-way place that apparently sold many different items--I never stopped by to find out in detail what they had in stock--but one thing that struck me was its sign. I thought that since yesterday I featured an incomplete and weird sign on the west coast, I'd present an equally perplexing sign from the east coast as today's Gallery of the Absurd entry:
This sign is amusing enough as it is. But to get the full effect of Cartlon's House of Many Things, you need to see it in its full and glorious context:
I'm not sure which is the more entertaining junkyard: this one or Sanford and Son's.

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