Wednesday, April 22, 2009

UnEarthing Fun

Happy Earth Day from the Gallery of the Absurd. Hope that you're turning off your computer when you're done surfing and that you are recycling the tissues you use when crying tears of joy for the absurdities found on the Gallery.

And speaking of tissues, here is an advertisement for Earth Day that is being placed on trees and in public bathrooms:

Shouldn't this sign read, "Don't wipe your hands off me," or "Don't wipe your hands on me"? I don't know about you, but I rarely wash my hands with tissue or any other kind of paper products. They just don't create as good a lather as water does.

Everyone is getting into Earth Day, even businesses that print T-shirts:

Just look at how happy this one model is to be wearing "cool new stuff":

Really makes you want to go green, doesn't it?

And here we have every kid's favorite backpack-packing munchkin, Dora the Explorer:

I'm not entirely convinced of Dora's dedication to earth-friendly activities. Check out the many Dora the Explorer toys at Fisher-Price. I'm sure that there are a lot of chemical toxins that go into the making of these products. What's next? Does Boots the Monkey produce some kind of carbon emission we aren't aware of?

Seriously, let's everyone try to conserve resources, okay?


Al w. said...

Perhaps this is a form of community service, since Dora toys were among the first to contain large amount of high-quality, Chinese lead.

Sufian said...

I think the bigger issue with the wash sign is that it's printed in ink on probably wax paper.

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