Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yellow Goo

This fortune cookie wrapper seems innocuous enough, but I wonder what this yellow stuff is in the bowls.

I guess, since the iconic person is is surrounded by and partially drawn in gold, that he has "golden food" in the bowl, perhaps something representing rice. But there's nothing appetizing about the goo in this image.


Arlene C. Harris said...

actually those are not bowls of goo, they're taels, which are basically gold ingots, only they don't make them square like western gold bricks.

But I don't know how appetizing a lump of gold is either :-P

Gallery of the Absurd said...

Arlene - I see the ingots surrounding the cartoon guy, but the stuff in the bowls has no definition or markings. Thus, my thinking of them as something like goo. Perhaps they're melted ingots...in which case your "appetizing" comment becomes very pertinent.


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