Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bargain Clowning

Given yesterday's Gallery entry, I thought it only appropriate to follow it up with another round of clown-induced fun.

Here is the last remnant of the Bargain Clown Mart, on Vine Street near Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles.  The store is no longer there, but the sign remains as a marker for a local bar.

Retail clowns are frightening enough.  I wonder what kind of hell could have been found on the discounted level.  

Also, what's the deal with those images of pants, shoes, and a shirt? Are they inherently clownish?  Do they generate associations with clowndom?

Much thanks to Jenna, whose Adventures in Leisure blog provided this little bit of clown culture.


Pink said...
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Pink said...

I'd rather go to the high-quality clown mart personally. Top dollar is worth it to me.

Ivan Damico said...

HAHA I LIVED IN THAT BUILDING THAT SIGN WAS RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW FOR 3 YEARS! ITS no longer there, but it was at 1123 vine right above the 3 of clubs bar. Memories!

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