Monday, May 25, 2009

Chest Hair Made Simple

Late last week I was out of town, in Boston for the 20th annual American Literature Association Conference, and as such, I wasn't able to update the Gallery of the Absurd (since the Westin Copley, the hotel I was staying at, nickel and dimes you for Internet access). But while I was away, I took a few pictures of weird and/or annoying signs and advertisements I found while there. This week, I'll share those absurdities with you.

Like this one. Here's an advertisement that was in the galleria area of the Westin Copley. It's one of those large kiosk-like displays they strategically place among the many shops and restaurants, catching consumers unaware:

I'm sure many of you may recognize this as an ad for the Fitness Made Simple program, featuring fitness guru and infomercial celebrity, John Baselow. I took a picture of this display because I find it not only amusing, but disturbing as well. Baselow looks freaky enough--there's something about the seductive look on his face that gives me the willies--but what I find so curious is the open shirt and the lack of chest hair. Yes, you too can exercise your way into a smooth and cilia-free body!

What is it with exercise programs and men with hairless chests? I know that Baselow's isn't the only example of this out there, but it's one of the more cringe worthy.


tantra flower said...

Well I almost just dropped a dissertation in your comments, but thought better of it. lol

I'll just say that I'm a naturalist and leave it at that.

Pink said...

He looks way creepy. And fake.

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