Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It

My good friend Al received this flyer in the mail. It's about a biblical prophecy seminar--a "multimedia event that will make a difference in your life!"--taking place in locations nearby. Here's the front of it:

Apparently, the Bible prophecy folks are pushing all of the buttons here: economic collapse, the wars in the Middle East and Asia, high gas prices, and of course Europe...or "Old Europe," according to ol' Rumsfeld, and for many, I guess, the source of much evil. Then there is the back cover:

I particularly like the foreboding profile of President Obama. It's almost as if he's the ringmaster behind all this chaos. Perhaps this photo should be placed on a right-wing commemorative plate. These images are a Christian conservative's wet dream. And what's with the "Coming New World Order" that Obama is apparently looking down upon? Is this meant ironically? Are right-wingers even susceptible to this form of humor? And wasn't "new world order" a phrase that a Republican president, George W.'s father, once used to describe what he wanted to do? But it gets even better when you look inside the brochure:

This is my favorite part: comments on the "New World Order," references to the Antichrist, the number 666, scary images of the end of the world...and along with all of this, a free children's program!

Yes, while you crap in your britches and commence to praying, your kids (ages 1-9) can enjoy a fun-filled evening learning about the end times. Just look at their little faces. It's like Santa Claus is coming...except it's a Santa with bloody machete and who looks like Pennywise.

Thank you, Mr. Wirtes, for helping us to laugh about life...again.


tantra flower said...


I received many mailings similar to this leading up to the election. They went right in the trash (and I'm an avid recycler!) I think the fear mongering and attempts to marry politics and religion in this country are despicable. I wouldn't let those loons within 100 yards of my child.

Anonymous said...

Yep, we got something like this here (but w/o Obama on it) around Easter. I love the high drama of it all!

Buffy said...

I'm embarrased to say I know exactly which church made those. The information given in the seminars is very good--it's too bad their advertisement people are not.

FlagFreak said...

It's fun being a Christian when you can laugh at churches.

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