Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Encounter the Grammar

Here's another picture from my trip to Boston. This one is of a sign hanging from a church in Copley Square. There are other such hangings adorning the facade, but this I found curious:

Isn't "holy" almost always used in the adjectival form? I know it's not completely unheard of to use the word as a noun, but it just seems rather odd. And wouldn't the word "experience" function better than "encounter"? I wonder who works on this church's marketing strategies.


Mike said...

I would argue that "holy" is being used in adjectival form. There is just ellipsis of the noun it is modifying because the noun is deemed unnecessary. Another example of this phenomenon would be "An American lives on this street." The word "American" is an adjective, and the noun "man" or "woman" or "family" has merely been ellipted.

Pink said...

chill out, dude

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