Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun Times in Joppa

The other week, a friend of mine, Janine, had dinner at Gus's Pizza & Grill, located in that fun town of Joppa, Maryland. She scanned in and sent me her place mat so that I could share it with you, the loving and dedicated Gallery watchers out there.

As you can see, Gus really loads his place mats with lots of advertisements for local businesses. I guess this is good for the community, but I wonder how advertising bingo games helps in these economically hard times?

Perhaps it gives seniors a reprieve from watching their savings go down the toilet. Nothing says "time out" like a free jackpot card.

Then there are the businesses that choose to use quotes in their advertisements:

I'm not sure if "Everything I touch turns to sold" is a famous saying of Margaret Steen, or if she's somehow qualifying, or ironizing, the legitimacy of her business.

Apparently, Stephen McCann has some self-worth issues here:

Is "don't trust a geek" something that he heard as a child? Is this an example of reaction formation? Is his business some form of occupational therapy? And, as one Gallery fan, Nora, points out, what's with the stray apostrophe in "problems"?

Usually, when someone places a declarative or an imperative sentence in quotation marks, it should be either a direct quote from someone (usually something memorable) or entirely unique.

I'm not sure what makes the sentence, "Make First Choice your only choice," so special. Did someone at First Choice say this to someone, or screamed it in public, and then it just stuck as the business' slogan? Or is this a Harford Country way of double speak?

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Nora said...

Not to mention the stray apostrophe in "No Problem's Computer Repair".

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