Monday, May 18, 2009

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Here is an image from a 2008 advertisement campaign. It was created by the agency Serve, a non-profit organization in Milwaukee, WI, made up of advertising, marketing, media, and business professionals. According to their website, the folks at Serve "believe it is more important to leave a legacy of public service than a legacy of corporate profit." Their mission is admirable, but when they refer to a "legacy of public service" that would bring attention to social causes, did they really intend to "bring attention" in this manner?

Obviously there is nothing wrong with the spirit of this ad, an effort to combat statutory rape. But it's the execution that gets me. What the hell were they thinking? In trying to fight the objectification of underage girls, they objectify underage girls. I would assume that these are digitally enhance images, which adds a whole weird level to this ad campaign.

Here are two other posters in the campaign:

Again there is inadvertent eroticization of young girls. And on top of that, check out the message behind the girl on the left. Doesn't have the brain? But couldn't you say that of adult women, such as Miss California and media annoyance, Carrie Prejean?

From what I understand, these ads were pulled. I could find them listed nowhere on Serve's website. I guess the creative director, Gary Mueller, art director, Giho Lee, and photographer, Jeff Salzer have seen the error of their ways. Perhaps they didn't want their work to end up on Internet porn would be bad for business, now wouldn't it?

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Monica said...

This is nuts! Where did you find these?

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