Saturday, May 30, 2009

Love and Marraige

Yesterday's entry was all about love and "sausages." And speaking of dicks, what better follow up than a few words on the most recent commercial from the National Organization for Marriage.

Or perhaps I should have written "marraige." The latest scare tactic from the NOM people, arguing that legalized gay marriage will adversely affect straight couples and our kids, had originally misspelled "marriage" in the concluding frames. Here is a screen shot from that original commercial:

They've gone on to correct this egregious error. But what idiots! You'd think if you were going to whip up anti-gay frenzy, you would at least take the time to make sure your propaganda was correctly spelled. I wonder if Carrie Prejean proofread the ad for them?

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tantra flower said...

I had a good laugh at their expense as well.

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