Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother Loving, Pt. 1

This is Mother's Day weekend, so I thought I'd post several advertisements surrounding this Hallmark holiday.

Here's something I found on a blog maintained by Fairydust, an online business specializing in "stylish stationary." There are many cutesy items featured on this site, and one of these is letter wall decorations for mom:

According to Fairydust, this is "the Perfect Mother's Day Gift...This gorgeous collection of wall letters and photo frames are handmade by the beautiful Melissa Crowther of Paper Patch Design." Apparently the ad's message, "ood palb," is a secret message from the beautiful Melissa that only mothers can understand.

And here are several newspaper clippings advertising Mother's Day sales at Dillard's, a department store chain. I found these on Sophia Dembling's blog. Apparently she feels about Dillard's what I feel about J. Crew. Sophia has a very discerning eye, and I'll let her commentary speak for itself. With this 2008 clipping:

"Is this the scariest ad EVER? It’s the attack of the mom clones. Not to mention the scary clothes. The outfit on Mom #1 is clearly designed for the mom you hate."

With another 2008 Mother's Day ad, Sophia asks a series of hard-hitting questions:

"Does Dillard's sell only the most hideous clothes its buyers can find? Is that why they can afford only one model? Why does Dillard's hate mothers?"

And then in a Dillard's ad for this year's Mother's Day:

"Sunday is Mother’s Day, which means it’s time for the parade of identical, badly dressed Dillard’s MILFs. This year, get your three moms expensive and wildly unflattering 'patio dresses.' Nothing says 'I love you' like a paisley tent."

Be sure you visit Sophia's blog at See what she has to say about Mother's Day, MILFs, and other curious phenomena.

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Sally said...

The Patio Dresses are style setters.

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