Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother Loving, Pt. 2

Continuing with our Mother's Day weekend theme...

Here's an advertisement from some mall jewellers:

The wording here is askew: "With every step, love grows. The journey". That last part, ending with no punctuation, is an incomplete thought, and it doesn't fit with the words that come next, "Happy Mother's Day". What's up with that? And visually, the ad suggests the loving ties between mother and child, which is fine, in and of itself. However, the vast majority of children, both young and old, can't afford the product being showcased here: diamonds. And not just one small gem, but jewelry with a number of diamonds. I hate holiday ads like this. Not only do they create unrealistic aspirations for the vast majority of the consuming public (and what ads don't?), but they also materialize the intangible.

Much like this advertisement from the Renault folks. It focuses on International Women's Day, but it's close enough to Mother's Day to sort of count...and many in the U.S. have mistaken this for a Mother's Day ad:

I get the message of the image, "What weak sex?," since it both emphasizes women and power (car ads usually do this only with men) and hints at the sexual underpinnings of automotive advertising. But again, why cheapen the achievements of women with such materialistic displays?

For my money, this 2004 Mother's Day advertisement from the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia is much more "on target":

This is serious business, and I guess there's nothing absurd about this ad. Still, outside of Hustler or Juggs, it's not often you see someone sucking a nipple in a magazine.

Breast cancer is one of the leading killers of women, so please help support research on breast cancer. And while you're at it, give your mom a big hug.

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