Monday, May 4, 2009

Rice Stick Boy

The other day, my son brought home a rice stick that one of his classmates had given him. On the packaging was a picture of a weird-looking kid, and my son thought that the wrapping would be a great entry in the Gallery of the Absurd. He was right:

Go ahead, take a closer look:

Remember, sweets can be bad for your (mental) health.

UPDATE: According to one Gallery watcher, the Japanese name for the rice stick is Tabetaibou, which translates into "The Stick You Want to Eat." I think we can all agree that this information adds an extra layer of creepiness to this product.


Nora said...

And the name of the product (it's Japanese) is Tabetaibou, or "The Stick You Want To Eat". ::shudders::

tantra flower said...

I've seen these at the Asian market I shop at, but never noticed the creep factor. lol

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