Monday, June 22, 2009

Cheez Trek

We bought a box of Cheez-It snacks this weekend, and this was on the back of the box:

This struck me as very sad. I can just imagine Trekkies sitting around late at night, watching reruns of the various Star Trek series, binging on snack foods, and fantasizing what they might look like as Federation officers. What's even sadder is that they would want to "transform" themselves into a Trek character and transmit their image via "a galaxy of online communications."

Remember, as the box says, actual transformations will vary.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Watch the Trek snark!

tantra flower said...

My dad, who is 63 and still dresses up for Halloween, has been Captain Kirk not once, not twice, but THREE times in the last twenty years.

He passed down the Trek love to his darling daughter, so, yeah, like whedongeek1 says, WATCH THE TREK SNARK! lol

Anonymous said...

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