Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Diapered Greasy Goodness

The Gallery at the Beach (cont.)

In the same general vicinity as the businesses in yesterday's entries (Crabby Mike's and Pastimes), there's another restaurant that I found curious.  Andy's Cheesesteaks and Cheeseburgers--they must really have an investment in cheese--is a regional chain, but this particular one is located in a central part of Surf City, soon after you come in from the drawbridge over the Intercostal Waterway.  Their big eye-catching sign is supposed to get people's attention, I guess.  But just look at this sign:

This image raises a number of potentially disturbing questions.  Is this Andy?  Is he really a toddler?  If this is a baby, then should he be consuming greasy burgers and sugary drinks?  And if Andy is an adult, why is he wearing a diaper?  Are they Depends?  Is this some sort of message about the infantilization of adult men?  That would seem to make sense, given the fact that Andy appears to be wearing his ball cap askew.

More important: would you buy something to eat from a business with this sort of mascot?


tantra flower said...

I can't be too hard on Andy's as they gave my son his first job when he was 16. But I agree that the mascot is disturbing.

Pink said...

Babies eating burgers is not an image I would like to see if I lived in this area. I would probably not try the food just for that reason.

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