Thursday, June 11, 2009

Magazine Browsing Fun

The Gallery at the Beach (cont.)

What do you do at the beach when it's raining outside, or when you've been out in the hot sun for too long?  You sit around and read!  I always bring books on vacation, but this week I've also been looking through the various reading material (mostly older magazines) lying around the house we're renting.  Some have ads that I would like to share with you.

The first is an advertisement from a Cosmopolitan.  I normally find Jessica Simpson annoying, but there's something about this ad that adds another layer or two to my annoyance. Her ditsy  blond expression is actually rivaled, if not surpassed, by the ditsy blond expression of the guy she's with.

Also, there's something about the expression on her face that reminds me of a big annoyance from years past, Jenny McCarthy.

The next two images are from different ads I found in another magazine marketed to women. What is more, they are just two pages apart; you see one, you turn the page, and then the other is staring you in the face.  Try to get beyond the disturbing fact that the cat is sniffing his own paw--I know, sort of difficult to do--and look at the pose of the feline figure below:
Now look at the Midol woman sitting on her couch:
Their postures are very similar, sitting on couches with their right hands at their faces and their left hands between their legs.  Weird, almost like some sort of harmonic convergence.  Are the editors of this magazine pointing out the functionary similarities between Fresh Step and Midol?  Are they making some kind of gendered statement?

Below is an advertisement I found in a freebie fisherman's publication.  There are a lot of ads for fishing supplies and boat chartering businesses, obviously, but this one really stood out from all the rest.  I wasn't aware that fish spanking was such a popular fetish. 
I wonder if they provide any fishy bondage gear to complete the experience?

This was the newspaper where I found the fish spanking ad, the Fisherman's Post:
I wonder if this dude has been spanking his fish...


Pink said...'re sitting around on vacation reading Cosmo? Even *I* don't read Cosmo. :P

Al w. said...

Fish spanking reminds me a small radio station that I used to listen to while driving from Northwest Indiana back to Purdue. It came from Hoopeston, IL (high school team maskot, the Hoopeston Cornjerker -- google it).

Anyway, this station used to play amazingly deep cuts from classic rock albums -- the lesser known cuts from the first Journey album, Cheap Trick before they hit it big, etc. But their only commercials were for fishing equipment:

Men, when is the last time this happened to you? You're trolling through a swamp looking for bass, when all of the sudden, THUMP. You've hit a stump. Time to paddle back. But now the Whatever-Brand of outboard motor comes with OVER 150 POUNDS OF STUMP THUMPING THRUST!"

Yes, the only thing that can make fish spanking better...over 150 pounds of stump thumping thrust.

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