Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of Airplanes and Orgasms

Here's an added bonus, a second Gallery entry for today.  What a bargain!

This commercial from Korean Air came on this morning while I was having breakfast and watching the news.  You've probably seen it, but take a look at it again: 
If you'd never seen this before, you would think at first that the commercial had nothing to do with air travel.  In fact, you'd probably think that it was advertising something sexy, like clothes, underwear, or perfume.  Notice the Victoria Secrets-type model on the hilltop (are those wings she has on?), the half naked female body, the woman in sunglasses "signing" a letter with her lips, the hip couple dancing...and then after all of that, the airplane comes into view, almost as if it's about to crash through the terminal windows.  

What I find particularly curious is the guy with champagne walking up to the woman with sexy legs and high heels.  Is he a foot fetishist?  Notice the angle of the bottle and how it "goes off" when he gets close to her.  Say no more.

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Pink said...

I do say one thing about Korean is probably the nicest, cleanest airline I ever traveled on. I even preferred it to Singapore Airlines

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