Saturday, July 4, 2009

Declare Your Fundependence

Happy 4th of July from The Gallery of the Absurd!

Today is a day to remember those who have sacrificed for our country, cook out with friends, and spend our way into a consumer coma! That's right, another holiday, another time to buy crap, and here are some of the things that folks are peddling this Independence Day.

Actually, this is an ad from last year's July 4th. Ah....nothing says patriotism like exposure to another mind-numbing knock-off of American Idol, a show that got its start in Britain.

Let's go camping! Remember, the gas you guzzle may help to finance terrorist activities here at home.

And our old friends at Seductive Search aren't going to let this holiday go by without milking it. Show your love for our country by reaching out to touch the stars and stripes.

And what in America goes hand-in-hand with scantily-clad women? Guns, of course! As we've seen before, maybe firearms are a family affair after all.

By the way, notice the curious use of quotation marks. Our country, our 'em or leave 'em.

God bless America!


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