Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting a Quality Universit Education

My university can do some dumb things. In the past I've featured examples of their absurdities in the Gallery, such as the psychotic active shooter training program and my school's misguided concept of diversity. Now this ineptness finds its way into our university branding.

They have recently repainted the water tower near the campus, and this is the result:

Outside of the fact that someone apparently doesn't know how to spell, I'm sure that our Marketing and Communications department is not only upset at this egregious typo, but that this isn't even our university's current logo.

And remember, friends, Texas is the land of "no child left behind"!


Gwen Tarbox said...

Perhaps you should write a letter of protest along these lines:

Dea Universit Presiden:

Imagin m shoc upo viewin thi monstrosit!

Anonymous said...

The whole "old logo" thing, while maybe not that important to faculty, must drive the people in charge of this crazy. Not to mention the spelling!

Gallery of the Absurd said...

Good idea, Gwen!

Trace, you're absolutely right: this is really driving the Marketing Communications office bat shit. I have a close friend who works as a part of that office and she alerted me to this snafu. Since I'm not a fan of our Marketing Communications office, I'm enjoying this!

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