Friday, September 4, 2009

The New Jim Crow?

I think I know what they mean by "non-gender"--children who choose not to conform to any gender least I'm assuming this is what they mean.

Still, the term "non-gender" is not only unspecific, it's also rather strange...especially given the fact that the clip art at the top seems to be that of a little boy and little girl, and not of any child indistinct or ambiguous. I guess their phrasing is as non-conforming as their intentions.

I'm not sure where this sign is from, but much thanks to John Bird, a humor scholar and fellow Carolinian, who alerted me to this image on FAIL Blog.

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Nora said...

Someone on FAIL Blog has posited that the sign is really asking people not to take children of the "wrong" gender into the restrooms: girls into the men's room, boys into the women's room. But "non" doesn't mean "opposite", so I really don't know what they were going for here, and the dearth of Googits for "non-gender children" doesn't help. You'd think at least there'd be some online support groups.

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