Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bois d'Arcy Stuff

Last year I brought you the madness and mayhem that is our local fall festival, the Bois d'Arc Bash, and the various signs and advertisements I found there. This year is no different. Yesterday I went with my family and some friends to our 24th annual Bash, and as with last year, this time did not disappoint in providing fodder for Gallery contemplation.

Our religious friends were there, of course. If they didn't show up, I'm sure we'd be nearing end times. Either that, or miss out on the answers to two test questions.

At the Bois d'Arc Bash, there are vendors from all around the rural NE Texas area, selling about anything you could think of. Here's one advertising their peek-a-boo handbags (you can barely make out the sign). They're bags that look like short-short jeans, the kind that show crotches and cracks. Perfect for that little trailer trash in you!

And speaking of trailer trash, here's a vendor advertising underwear, 3 for $10. Nothing like Bois d'Arc Bash underwear to bring out the sexy in you! I always go to small town rural festivals for my undergarment needs.

When you just don't feel like physically taking those twelve steps, try the AA Mobility power chair.

I'm sure the picture frames are good, but you can't beat the "monkies" for value. You gotta love the Bois d'Arc Bash. Where else can the spelling-impaired go to sell their wares?

And here is a triple shot of Bois d'Arcy goodness. Not only do we have an unnecessary quote and a misspelling--apparently these are amazing "tators"--but we have the overdose of hyphens to accentuate the sheer length of their corny dogs.

Thank you, Bois d'Arc Bash, for helping us to laugh about life. Again.

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