Saturday, September 5, 2009

Skeleton Dreams

I was on some website this morning, and this was one of the advertisements I found in a sidebar:
A sexy stomach? What stomach?! I'm all for being in shape, but this woman has wasted away to skeletal proportions. And it's rather ironic, isn't it, that in the "before" picture she's wearing a "Sweet Nothing" t-shirt, and that in the "after" photo she has become just that.

God, how I hate these kind of ads and the messages they send.


Becca said...

But don't you know, Derek? In what passes for American/Western civilization these days, women are supposed to despise and eliminate everything that makes them women--stomach, curves, breasts (without implants, that is), hips. All those are bad. And god forbid her body should actually change after pregnancy! Healthy is one thing; emaciated and devoid of anything "womanly" is another.

Adam said...

Wow, lots of hatred towards skinny women. I have 3 little sisters who were born extremely skinny due to our family's metabolism. I'll make sure they know that their bodies are disgusting and un-womanly.

Becca said...

Um, Adam. I don't hate skinny women. You totally missed the point of Derek's commentary and my response. What's "disgusting" and "un-womanly" are the ADVERTISEMENTS that tell women they're unworthy if they're don't have a certain body type. In this culture, women are taught to hate their bodies, no matter what, skinny, fat, whatever. We just happen to be living in a particular era when non-skinny women are especially vilified. Women should be encouraged to love and accept themselves no matter their body type.

Adam said...

I did miss the point, so I'm glad we agree then. It's frustrating to have high school health teachers hand out a pamphlet on the dangers of being fat, a pamphlet on the dangers of being skinny and then a pamphlet on the importance of a positive body image.

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