Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't Panic!

My university has done it again. On Friday the HR office sent out an email about a training program for folks who want a "panic button" placed on their office computers. I'm assuming this is for any kind of emergency that might occur on campus.

The thing is, in the email--and in a follow up this morning, the day of the training--they merely included this advertisement and no other explanation or context. What would you think if you got an email with this image and nothing else? Junk mail? A message from some psycho following you around? God trying to tell you something?

I'm not sure those who work in the faculty/staff training office have a sense of what is or isn't appropriate--or professional--when it comes to campus-wide communications. This reminds me of the active shooter training program flyer they sent out last year. What are these people thinking?!


Al w. said...

Texas is as Texas does...

Anonymous said...

CREEPY! "Danger is imminent..." I would take this as a threat and call in some kind of armed bodyguard service, ASAP.

Seriously, what kind of reaction are they hoping for?? Widespread panic, perchance?

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