Friday, October 30, 2009

Scary Spuds

The other week I got a large package of Pringles for my kids to carry for their lunches, and the 18-pack came with this insert:
My son astutely observed that the packaging is a little misleading, that there's nothing really Halloween-inspired about the chips. The individual wrappings and labels are the same as those in their regular packages. The only thing that might be considered Halloweeny is the mask template on the back of the insert:
Is there really anyone out there who would use as their defining Halloween image this template of Julius Pringles, the product's mascot? That very thought is scary.


Nora said...

That template looks less like a mask and more like the carving guide I made for my pumpkin one year: dots to mark where pinpricks go, transferring the image on the paper onto the surface of the pumpkin before carving it. Still, who would want to carve the Pringles dude onto a pumpkin?

Arlene C. Harris said...

yes, that's a pumpkin carving template.

Way to try and get kids to shill your product, potato chip guys :-/

Anonymous said...

Omigod--I wish I had seen this earlier. I would have been Jules Pringles today.

John said...

They could at least have given Julius vampire fangs or something.

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