Tuesday, October 27, 2009

School Violence

Last week I posted an ad sent out by my university's Human Resources office, one using violent images (with no context) to publicize a training session. Now I get another emailed advertisement with "action packed" visuals. This one is for our promotional day on campus. By itself, there's nothing really wrong with using this martial arts dude to advertise the event. But when you combine it with the panic button session and the active shooter training, you start to see a pattern forming. What is it with violence and A&M-Commerce? Is it because we're in Texas?

Much thanks to my keen-eyed colleague, Hunter Hayes, for pointing out the aggressive tactics of our public relations personnel.


~B said...

MANE event? Does that stand for something or does lion hair have something to do with it?

Gallery of the Absurd said...

The lion is the university mascot, so they thought it would be cute or clever to spell "main" in that way.

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