Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freshening Up

Here's an advertisement I found in a Dr. Leonard's catalog we recently received in the mail. The company bills itself as "America's Leading Discount Healthcare Catalog." It offers all sorts of items for maintaining health, hygiene, and mobility...including the Snuggie and the Shake Weight. Along with all of these health-oriented items, most targeting a more mature audience, there is this, the Activ-otc Power Strips:

These look disturbingly like the Listerine Breath Strips.
Wow. Fresh breath...and tumescence. What a bargain!


Anonymous said...

OMYGOD that is sick. I thought for some reason that the Dr Leonard's ad was for a deodorant so I was shocked to see that it was for . . . tumesecence.

Al w. said...

Like you don't get an erection from Listerine Breath Strips! C'mon!

Buffy said...

Well, face it... you're never gonna get laid with bad breath.

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