Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sock It to Me

While in the checkout line at my local Walmart, I saw Vince Shlomi's "Slap Chop" on an impulse buying shelf (and sitting beside Snuggies, no less).
I could comment on how the slogan at the bottom of the package, "Making America skinny, one slap at a time!," is rather appropriate, given his adventures last year with a South Beach prostitute. But I won't.

What really disturbs me about this product is Shlomi's face on the package. Have you noticed how freaky it is? Go ahead, take a closer look:

Now I feel like I need a shower.


AlanDP said...

I believe the vast unknown forces of fate made a mistake when they took Billy Mays.

Tamara said...

Don't forget the commercial for the slap chop where he says "you're gonna love my nuts"...wish I was making it up, but -

creepy and - ya, I got nothin' he's just creepy.

Buffy said...

My mind went right to the "you're gonna love my nuts" comment too.

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