Saturday, January 2, 2010

Turning Desert Leaves

Here's a banner I found on online. It's curious that a realty company called "Desert Dwellers" features colorful fall foliage in their promotional images.

That Gary Chen...can he work wonders in real estate!


Sue said...

Your kidding right!!!! Arizona has a high desert and a low desert which encompasses mountains (example Sedona),trees mining towns, western towns (Prescott) cactus, huge cities, ghost towns man made lakes (yes in the desert) and real lakes and streams. Deserts come in many different types and places. Time to get out of that computer room and read a book or travel!

Gallery of the Absurd said...

Perhaps I do spend too much time in my study. But then again, perhaps my Merriam-Webster or my OED do as well. I'll just have to get those books fixed.

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