Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taste that Blows

Here is an advertisement sent to me by Ryan Hennessy, a proud fan of the Gallery of the Absurd since its founding in the late 1990s:

Having taken the "Almond Breeze taste challenge," Ryan noted when he sent this image: "I've had almond milk, and the first three words of this ad sum it up very well."


caitlyn said...

Unflavored almond milk truly does live up to that advertisement. The sweetened, vanilla flavored almond milk, though, is heavenly.

фёдора said...

You always beat me to it! I just saw that in the mailbox today. I had to do a triple take to be sure that the taste didn't just blow.

Anonymous said...

Baby D is a happy drinker of this brand of almond milk. I'll him if it blows anything!

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