Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying

Here on The Gallery of the Absurd, I usually try to feature only ads, signs, and labels associated with the business and marketing industry. Today's entry is a sign I found in a neighbor's lawn, but I guess that in many ways, it is trying to sell something.

Hmmmm....Might the emphasis on the word "hope" be a less-than-veiled dig at President Obama?

Nice to know that the religious "industry" is investing its capital in such positive and uplifting ways.

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Owen said...

What's even more absurd, IMO, is that Chronicles, as the name suggests, is a recitation of history. The chapter of 2 Chronicles 7 is about the consecration of the temple at Jerusalem, and in context the passage is specifically about the Israelites and God saying to Solomon "if they worship here and mean it, I'll bless them. Otherwise..." So the people, the land, the very meaning itself--all are not terribly applicable to the purpose of the sign.

Of course, looking at Bible verses and their out-of-context public usage could be (and probably is) an ongoing blog all to itself, so pointing that out here is really beside the point.

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