Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Once again, my good friend, Brian Donahue, has come through with another brain cramp-inducing contribution to The Gallery of the Absurd. This one is an ad for Ring No More, a homeopathic remedy to Tinnitus. I'll let Brian's words on this little piece of advertising genius speak for themselves:

"I'm wondering why this dude is dressed like Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) from The Dick Van Dyke Show."
"That's a left-handed guitar. But since it's a prop, I suspect it's really a right-handed guitar and that the picture editors just didn't notice that the photo was reversed."

"WTF is up with the devil-horn sign? Is he a cross-dressing, elderly Satanist on his way to a clam bake?"

"I also don't get why the woman in the lower left corner is covering her ears. Is that guy making a loud noise?"

Thank you, Brian, for helping us laugh about life...again.

By the way, Brian was very first person to experience what was later to become The Gallery of the Absurd. I used to share an office with him in grad school, and there I would put up some of these strange advertisements and labels so as to lighten the mood. For more information, check out the history of the Gallery.

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